NetCents is Now Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange

By Chief Revenue Officer

The last few months at NetCents have brought substantive changes for both our financial partners and mobile operators, and we are now pleased to announce the biggest one yet: we are officially listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

Under the trading symbol “NC”, the commencement of trading on the CSE brings new opportunities for our payment-processing platform, which means more freedom of choice for you. By advancing into the public sector, we move from a simple payment processor to one in which transactions can be completed on a global scale. Combined with the value we put on our user’s privacy, and our innovative and unique interface, this transition positions us as a leader in the domain of payments technology and holds immense potential for significant growth.

So, what does this movement into the public markets mean for you?

We know you want options. We know you value your freedom of choice. You have things you want to accomplish, places in the world you want to see. We know that you work hard and are cautious about how you use your money. We created an easy to use interface to allow you a safe and streamlined experience.

Our philosophy is to provide you with flexible and risk-free options in order to enrich your transaction experience online, in-store, or through your smart phone. One such example of this is that our platform allows easy, non-credit card based transactions that technology not only offers you the upmost protection, but it provides you with an alternative payment method should you not be able to get a credit card, or not want to use one at all.

This move onto the CSE means that we are evolving. As we do so, we take you with us into the next stages of easy, streamlined transactions that put the power of payment into your capable hands. Today, as we transition and begin to roll out our plans for the next few months, we look to expanding on our diverse prospects around the world, including buying, selling, trading, transferring or converting any digital currency in real time. It also allows us to maximize on the evolving dynamics of high-growth areas.

We are excited to announce this move and to have you be a part of our company’s continued achievement and growth! Please stay tuned for future stories and updates from the NetCents Team.

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