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By Chief Revenue Officer

When you think of the future of finance, what do you see?

We envision one that is effortlessly connected and streamlined.

Technology has essentially replaced our watches, alarm clocks, cameras, and music players, and our payment methods are also evolving. In the span of 1,000 years, our payment methods have moved collectively from bartering to coins, from coins to cards. And now, with our lives and technology being so seamless, we are seeing card payments give way to online payments as coming generations turn to alternative payments that speak to a freedom of choice.

Welcome to the future of online transacting: where you choose how you want to pay.

NetCents is a payments platform that provides you with endless versatility. You have needs that don’t come pigeon holed – and they shouldn’t be. Everyone lives a busy life, and how they choose to pay shouldn’t be limited by traditional methods, wait times, or what the retailer prefers.

At NetCents, these aren’t things you’ll ever have to worry about.

In less than a year, we have evolved from a simple payments processor to one in which payment options and money transferring is now available to you on a global scale. And in just one month, we have made some major announcements that are game changers for us and you.

We expanded our market reach and processing capabilities to accept consumer deposits from 24 countries. This lets you receive deposits from major credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Apple Pay.

Our master purchase agreement with DigitalX announcement means that we are now aligned with a Bitcoin solutions software, and can fulfill your orders for any digital currency, anywhere, anytime, regardless of transaction size. No wait times, no exchange limitations. That’s huge!

We further expanded on March 21 through a strategic agreement with an international remittance company, which focused on sending and receiving money both from and between the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Whether you’re transferring funds for an emergency, to help your family back home, or to ensure continued livelihood for you and your loved ones, this agreement broadened our ability to help you even more.

We feel like we need to stop and catch our breath, but the good news just keeps on rolling in! The next few weeks will see us rolling out an app to be available to download for both iOS and Android smartphones. Under “NetCents”, you will now be able to pay your way with one touch of a button. Online paying is literally at your fingertips and just became so much easier.

Our philosophy remains steadfast: we are here for you. To make online and offline payments safe, secure, and easy. Payments should be all about how you want to pay, rather than centered around what payment forms the retailer offers.

The future of finance is here. Providing you with an endless stream of options is not a utopian, far-fetched dream. It’s reality, and it’s here. We put the power of payment back in your capable hands, and give you, as always, the freedom to Pay – Your Way.™

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