Closing the Loop With Merchant Payments

By Chief Revenue Officer

Every aspiring business owner shares the same quintessential dream for success. More or less, it goes something like this: you have a gift for creating the most delicious cupcakes (or insert your hidden talent here). You open up a specialty bakery on the trendy corner of Dreams Come True Ave and Pinch Me Street. Business blossoms, and seemingly overnight you rise to unprecedented stardom in the cupcake world, rake in the rewards of your labour, and retire on humble bragging and the ability to make it rain once in a while on weekends in the Cape.

Or something like that.

Take cupcakes and substitute it for whichever business you want to run and tell us that we’re lying when we say you envision (somewhat) of the same success story.

Millennials are the generation that seek their own path. Though the media likes to paint them as the generation of special snowflakes, there is something to be said for their high standards, entrepreneurship, dreams of striking out on the path less travelled, and knack for cupcakes.

But in all of this lies the fundamental truth that any business owner faces: it’s not all cupcakes, trips to Cape Cod, and definitely not overnight success. It takes time, it takes money, planning, and, in some cases, it can take a toll on you.

That’s where we come in.

With us, your dreams are something that are never far from our minds. When we think of ways to help you, a merchant on the beaten path of entrepreneurship, make your dreams (overnight or long-term) a reality.

Our technology and payments platform has grown exponentially in just the last 6 months alone – we’ve evolved our services from a payments platform to offer you a broader range of features that make a difference in your day-to-day.  With loyalty/rewards programs, remittances, foreign exchange, peer-to-peer, and digital advertising (excuse us while we catch our breath), we’re constantly growing and wondering how we can further our innovative platform.

So we asked ourselves: now what? With cutting edge technology at our fingertips, what’s the next step for us to take to make your life easier?

Answer: making payments available to merchants.

We’re closing the loop. We’re finding ways to make our platform even more accessible for you and your business endeavours.  With the use of blockchain technology, the next step is providing our platform to merchants to make those purchases.

Our platform is secure against fraud and ID theft. All personal information resides with the customer’s financial institution, so anytime a NetCents transaction is completed in your store or online, no residual information is left behind.  And with no Merchant Chargeback Fees, you are 100% assured that all payments are cleared.

Best of all? Our low transaction fees. Because you work hard. You deserve to pay yourself first. You run a business and have a busy life full of friends and family. You shouldn’t have to worry about over stretching yourself financially or wondering how long you can really make that pay cheque last. Your life that shouldn’t be tied up in the fees, limits, and stresses of running a business, which is why, with us, you won’t have to.

We’re taking the next step into an arena filled with opportunity, and we’re taking you with us. All cupcake jokes aside, Merchant payments is the next natural step into a world of effortless, integrated payments. It’s a future that is here, at your fingertips, moving forward for you to have the freedom to Pay. Your Way. ™


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