Let’s Talk About Trust, Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me

By Chief Revenue Officer

The hesitation. The uncertainty. Trust issues: we all have them. Whether it was the cookie you thought had chocolate chips (raisins!), the dad who threw you into the pool without any water wings (nightmares, still), or the hipster ex-boyfriend who cheated on you (you’re better off without him and his pretentious collection of vinyl, anyhow), we’re with you. Trust is hard to win, easy to lose, and it’s a long, uphill road littered with broken-hearted, Netflix-binge watching, and sleepless nights to recover it.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of trust, whether that’s Bambi-level, rainbows-everywhere-kind of trust, or X-Files-style “Trust no one, Mr. Mulder” style, we’re here with a box of tissues, a blanket, and a promise that everything will be okay.

When it comes to accepting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as the next shift in payments, there is still residual hesitation lingering in the pool of blockchain. And it’s not hard to see why.

If Fintech is a pool party, the early days of Bitcoin would be the kid that had too much orange crush and peed in the pool and now no one wants to get back in. Everyone thinks the water has cooties, someone’s crying in a corner, and no one wants to put their party hats back on.

Blockchain is the water the kid peed in; everyone is hesitant to get back in.

Trust. Issues.

But we’re changing the perception. And it starts with our platform.

Blockchain is a public ledger of cryptocurrency. A decentralized, shared ledger that everyone can inspect (and which no single user controls) it’s the ingeniously simple, revolutionary protocol that allows your payments to be simultaneously anonymous and secure. Peer-to-peer, instant, frictionless, our platform distributes trust from powerful intermediaries to a large global network, working through mass collaboration, clever code, and cryptography. Which is a fancy way of saying:

Our platform uses this technology to provide you with a number of payment options. It is regulated, secure, and safe.

Not to mention, we’re aligned with companies that carry major clout. Visa, MasterCard, and major banks like the Royal Bank of Canada for our clearing services – these are companies whose names carry notoriety, with regulation, trust, and security built in, companies we are proud to work with to ensure we continually provide you with secure options and the freedom to choose how you pay.

We’re not going to throw you back in the water – we won’t be that dad. But we’re here to tell you that from where we sit, sipping on lemonade by the pool in our party hats, trust us: the party is just getting started.

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