Going For Gold With Bitcoin

By Copywriter

We’ll be the first to admit it. We’re a bunch of tech-d out, behind-the-scenes, hockey stick graph loving pseudo-geeks in suits and ties. We can talk your ear off about fintech and digital currencies and regulatory. But when the Olympics (or insert any other sport that isn’t Hockey) comes on TV, we’re the ones yelling: “Yay, team! Go sports! Look at all the sportsing!”

We’ve accepted it. We are who we are. And we’re realists. The chances of us doing any sport remotely worthy of a Gold medal in the Olympics is about the same size as people caring whether or not Justin Bieber goes back on Instagram: slim to none.

But, again, that’s okay. We can’t all be Simone Bile’s thighs and do a zillion flips into the stratosphere. We also can’t be Usain Bolt smiling at the camera while he outruns his opponents. Because in the time it took for us to write this, we already pulled a muscle trying to reach for a stray paper clip under our desk.

But where we lack in running at obstacles at full speed in bedazzled tights, we make up for in digital currency capabilities. We’re the Simone Biles of fintech, and our platform is the handspring, double tuck, 20 consecutive twirls/flips/levitation before sticking the landing kind of fintech Olympian. Because if we can’t be Simone Biles’ thighs when we grow up, at least, we can be the very best at making your life easy.

It’s not a contest. But if it were, it wouldn’t be a close one (lololol). Because in the currency Olympics, if someone is handing out medals and putting people on podiums, it would be Gold to Bitcoin, Silver for Fiat, and Bronze for credit cards. We don’t really need to justify why, but humour us.

Whether it’s to fuel your Pokémon trading card collection, pay your half of last night’s episode of binge drinking all your previous life decisions away (that’s what friends are for, right?), or pay your way through the Rio Summer Olympics (go sports! Yay team!), through our platform, you literally have endless options at your fingertips: Bitcoin, digital currency, fiat currency. One place, one time.

Our platform provides you with ease, efficiency, Bolt-like speed and prowess, and zero stress for all your online payments. You don’t have to worry about where your money is going, when it’s going to arrive there (or if it will arrive at all). You also don’t need to worry about exchange limitations, wait lines, and 5-10 business days for it to pass through international borders. That’s the power of NetCents: flexible, hassle-free, and secure, no matter what time zone you’re in, what borders you’re surrounded by, or which Olympic athletes are your BFF’s on Instagram.

With digital currencies, bitcoin, and blockchain capabilities, our platform is literally snagging gold left, right, and centre, robbing traditional payment methods of gold medal status faster than the time Ryan Lochte was supposed to be at Dan’s house doing homework, but lied and went to the Olympics instead and got “robbed”.

The brilliancy of cryptocurrency and our platform? You never have to question its ability to tell the truth, unlike #LochteGate (will the real Swim Shady please stand up?). Because: Us + blockchain – Ryan Lochte = 1st Place. Every. Time.

We rely on innovative technology of blockchain, the public ledger that physically can’t lie to you, or anyone else, to make your time in Rio as smooth as Michael Phelps’ baby bottom skin (we’re not creepy, you are).

Decentralized, transparent, self-verifying, it’s travelling without the worry, money without the money. And all it takes is your email + a bank account. Easy, fast, and, if we’ve learned anything from #LochteGate, perfect for those times if you ever need to post bail for a friend in a foreign jail, should you ever lie about where you are on a school night.



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