How Cryptocurrency Solves the CBD industry’s biggest problem

Right now, the biggest problem facing the CBD industry is payments. The CBD sector is booming and shouldn’t be limited by lack of payment options. That’s where cryptocurrency comes in. Download your free ebook below:

Crypto Benefits

NetCents provides CBD companies an all-in-one solution. From accepting payments to enabling your customer to purchase crypto to spend with you.

  • Increase revenue by tapping in to a new consumer base
  • Offer multiple cryptocurrencies alongside traditional payment methods
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Eliminate chargebacks + fraud
  • Process unlimited transaction sizes and monthly volumes
  • eCommerce plugins and POS integrations
  • Accept payments from any eWallet

Growing Market

NetCents, the merchant gateway that makes it easy to accept today’s most popular cryptocurrencies, opens your business to a $500 billion market in 2021. 

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