But What Can You Buy With It?

By Copywriter

Real talk. You get Bitcoin. It’s cool. It’s hip. You’re down with it. It’s the digital currency that’s sweeping the nation. Like Backstreet Boys or N*Sync, minus the matching outfits, frosted tips, and really sweet dance moves reminiscent of the early 2000’s. You know what it is (digital currency) and what it isn’t (magic). You know how it works. But you still don’t know what you can buy with it.

One might even say, you are…Bitconfused.

Eh? Eh? See what we did there?

You’ve loaded your NetCents account. You’re ready to spend some digital money; make it rain on the internet, if you will. Now, you just need to know what you can buy online with the mythical, life changing cryptocurrency and how to do it.

Bitcoin works the same was as paper money (kids, paper money is a thing adults used once upon a time, a long, long time ago. We used it to buy things. Isn’t that cool?). The major difference between traditional, fiat currency and the digital currency we integrate with our platform? Its primary form is data, so you can trade it online, peer to peer, using wallet software or an online platform, like yours truly.

Decentralized, held electronically, and on a digital ledger of transactions, Bitcoin is the revolutionary payment solution that we provide you for a secure, worry free, and simple to use experience. All you do is sign in, buy or sell your Bitcoin, and, come September, we’ll be rolling out our purchasing mechanism, making easy and secure Bitcoin payments available to you 24/7.

Because Bitcoin, and all the magical prowess that it holds, is gaining momentum. Through our platform, it’s enabling ease and efficiency for your transactions. We take all the complexity and guess work out of digital currency, and best of all, we do it in one, secure place.

While it’s not exactly a mainstream payment option around the world (change can be scary, we know), several businesses now accept Bitcoin as payment, both online and in person. The list of things you can buy, though still small, is growing, and includes everything from music downloads and gift cards to clothing to pizza. Yes, pizza.

So while you may not yet be able to walk into your local UGG store to buy the latest basic white girl boots with it, there is still plenty of options for you and your digital currency.

In no particular order, from the weird to the practical, from what you can buy right now or when you hit billionaire, baller status with your hard earned Bitcoin, here is what you can buy with your Bitcoin right now.

Going to Vegas anytime soon? Sure you are. Know how we know? Everyone goes to Vegas at some point. Whether it’s for their friend’s clichéd bachelor party, to see five or six Elvis impersonators, or simply just because you can, Vegas is a rite of passage, and now you can do everything but gamble with your Bitcoin (maybe one day). You can use your Bitcoin to buy overpriced gifts at gift stores, buy drinks, and maybe even see Britney in Vegas. It’s Bitcoin, b*tch.

You can also book your flight to Vegas with CheapAir.com and, soon, can book your hotels with Bitcoin via their iOS app.

In the meantime, if you need a place to stay while trying to be Rain Main, you can exchange your Bitcoin’s for a stay in the Howard Johnson Hotel. Bonus: it’s pet friendly. Which means your celebrity Instagram dog is free to stay with you. Think of all the pool side, Bellini toasting selfie’s you two can take, making all your friends jelly with your #wewokeuplikethis and #dogsoflasvegas posts. Because, really, what is the point of life if you can’t make your friends jealous via heavily filtered social media, right?

One major company that has added a payment option for Bitcoin is Microsoft. You can use your digital currency to purchase apps, games, and videos on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. If that’s not enough to fill your binge watching/game playing boots for a weekend, we don’t know what is.

Still not wowed? Wait. There’s pizzaforcoins.com – you can order your basic cheese pizza from any nearby Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Papa John’s with your Bitcoins. Currently available in the United States, Australia, and a Canadian service coming soon. Did we just blow your mind?

While you’re waiting for your pizza to be delivered to your doorstep, think about how you can rig the lottery and get super rich. Or maybe actually work hard and invent the flying car. Then you can retire on your billions, effectively going from reheating last night’s mac and cheese to billionaire baller status. Then you can fly you and your dog to Holland on your private jet (separate jets, obviously; one for you, and one for your dog, because you’re rich like that), where you can buy a Big Whopper from Burger King, where they happily accept Bitcoin as a payment method. You just need to brush up on your Dutch, nbd.

And when the pizza arrives at your doorstep, bringing your baller status dreams crashing down around you, don’t feel sad. You will get to billionaire baller status one day. It takes time. It takes work. It takes riding the coattails of your celebrity Instagram dog’s success and cashing in on all her fame.

Until then, there is grasshillalpacas.com, where you can purchase hand-made, Alpaca wool socks with your Bitcoin. Which, if we’re being very honest, is the most valuable thing on our Bitcoin-buying roundup. Because who doesn’t love socks? Dad’s love them. They’re great stocking stuffers.

If nothing else, while you eat that cheese pizza you ordered and purchased with your really cool, digital currency, think about how your Bitcoin can also purchase you a flight into space.


Mic drop.


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