That’s (Almost) a Wrap, October.

By Chief Revenue Officer

Its been a big month at NetCents HQ. If you haven’t been keeping up with all of our announcements (we know, it can be a lot to keep up with sometimes), this is your chance to get a digest on all things NetCents for the month of October. To say that October was a busy month, would be an understatement.

This is going to be a bit of a long read so we will wait while you grab a coffee (or cocktail, we won’t judge😉)

First, let’s cover the new partnerships that we’ve announced.

First up, SoftPoint. SoftPoint is the first fully integrated hospitality management system that specializes in operation, payments, and controls. Through the agreement, the NetCents merchant gateway will be integrated into the SoftPoint ecosystem.

This integration with SoftPoint is key on several levels. First, though the integration, thousands of merchants will now directly be able to offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. SoftPoint’s merchants include Aramark, Carl’s Jr, Buca di Beppo, and Tilted Kilt. Through DataPoint (one of SoftPoint’s key products) SoftPoint is integrated with some of the world’s most reputable POS systems including: Oracle |Micros, NCR, Clover, Squirrel, and Dinnerware.

This integration is already underway and will be completed shortly. Our ability to turn these agreements around this quickly is due to the key updates that we’ve been making to the core NetCents platform. We will continue to upgrade and refine the system so that we can continue to decrease the time needed to complete these technical integrations and onboarding of new merchants.

We also entered into a joint agreement with Verge Currency. Through the agreement, we have become a vendor of choice for Verge and Verge will be promoting our platform through their marketing and social media channels. We will also be working towards fully integrating Verge into the NetCents ecosystem, enabling Verge holders to spend their cryptocurrency through our merchant-base and upcoming credit card program.

We are already starting to see results from this joint agreement. Verge has already introduced us to key merchants that would like to use the NetCents merchant gateway to start accepting cryptocurrency. We’ve also seen a huge jump in our social media audience and engagement.

This week, we announced that Verge (and Tron and Horizon) were integrated into our merchant gateway. All of our merchants are now able to accept these coins as payment through NetCents. The addition of these three coins was done at the request of our largest merchant to date, MindGeek. The integration of NetCents into MindGeek’s websites and advertising platform was waiting for the addition of these coins. Now that it is completed and pushed live, we expect that MindGeek will integrate the NetCents platform in Q4.

These are just a couple of the key partnerships and agreements that we have been working on and we’re looking forward to working with companies like Verge and SoftPoint as we continue to grow and expand. We will continue to update you on the ones that we are working on behind the scenes as they are finalized and we are able to formally announce them.

Need a quick breather? This is your opportunity.

This October, along with being busy signing up new merchants, partners, and alliances, we were also just as busy growing and evolving the company and our products.

This month, we launched our first merchant marketing campaign. The campaign is targeting over 1 million merchants. So far, the response has blown us away with a 7% response rate. We’re continuing to A/B test the campaign to make sure that we are maximizing its impact on the merchants onboarded and bottom line. This isn’t a one and done campaign. Once this campaign has been wrapped up, we will do a full analysis of the results and begin phase 2.

We made some major changes and improvements to the NC Exchange this month. We are now sending our merchant transactions through the exchange as part of our Instant Settlements process, leading to a significant increase in activity. The volume shown in the ticker is the sum of the last 24-hours of trades and purchases. The trade history table shows information about the most recent trades in the current market.

To keep up with everything that we’re working on and that we’ve signed, our team keeps growing. This month, we have welcomed two new members to the team. To help with the onboarding of our new merchants and partners, Lindsay (Haining) Evelyn joined our team as Client Partner. Lindsay is responsible for growing, developing, and cultivating opportunities with our current merchants and partners to achieve sales and margin minimums, ensuring that we fully leverage and maximize the value of all signed contracts. Nastassia (Nas) Machaj has also joined the NetCents family. Nas has filled a critical role in the front of house team, working on contracts, merchant onboarding, filings, and overall office, legal, and executive administration.

The team was also out on the road this month. First, we hit New York to attend some key meetings and meet key connections, it was an extremely successful trip and are looking forward to sharing the results with you when they are finalized.

Next, the team hit Las Vegas for Money  20/20. Money 20/20 is the anchor event on the industry calendar where leaders, innovators, and disruptors unite to drive change and revolutionize the future of money. We joined the best and brightest in the industry for an exhausting, but extremely fruitful, four days of networking and discussions around how cryptocurrency is disrupting the fintech and payments industry. The response we received was fantastic and shows just how far NetCents, and the crypto industry, has come over the past 12-months. We also took the opportunity to reconnect with our new partners, alliances, and white-label relationships and continuing our previous discussions from our previous trade shows.

We’ve also been working on a lot of things that haven’t been formally announced yet. The team has been hard at work enhancing and evolving our platform and apps, building new integrations, and onboarding our new partners and merchants (and delivering any custom requests they have made). We will continue to keep you posted on these when they are finalized and pushed live.

We also received quite a bit of coverage this month. Here are links to some of the press that we have received.

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Now step away from the computer, enjoy the weekend, and we will be back on Monday.

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  • Ian EckardtNovember 3, 2018 3:23 am

    You said in your video that the merchants receives $ 50 if the consumer buys something for $ 50. How is Netcents making money? Who is paying the service of Netcents and how much?

  • Jenn LowtherDecember 6, 2018 2:45 pm

    Great question. It should have said $50 less a small transaction fee.