Ride With Us

By Chief Revenue Officer

Our goal and mission at NetCents is to be the transactional hub for cryptocurrency payments. You might ask yourself, what does this mean? In the simplest terms, we are working to become the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrency transactions around the globe.

No small goal right😉 Well, we are well on our way to making this a reality. And we’re not talking in the far-off future, our goal is within our reach in the short to mid-term.

In order to accomplish this, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to do this ourselves. You know the saying; many hands make light work. We knew that the path to achieving our goal wouldn’t be by signing up individual merchants along the way. There was a simpler way to accomplish this.

With this in mind, in August, we announced the formal launch of the NetCents Partnership Program. We knew that we needed to partner with key players in the payments space and work together to bring crypto payments from a vision of the future to a reality and make it easier for consumers to spend crypto.

Over the past few months, we have announced 9 major partnership deals and we are working on many more in our pipeline. From white-label enterprise partnerships to ISO referral partnerships to technology partners.

Through these partnerships, we now have direct access to the hundreds of thousands of merchants that these companies have in their current portfolios. And we are seeing a lot of success with this strategy. In a very short period of time, each of these partnerships has resulted in merchants now accepting cryptocurrency using the NetCents platform.

These merchants are just the beginning. With these early wins, we are now working on marketing and educational campaigns with each of our partners to begin the process to sign up their entire merchant portfolio and provide guidance to their users on the benefits of using crypto.

This success is on top of our merchant direct sign-ups. We have directly signed up MindGeek, WildBunch Gaming, and over 350 merchants from our direct marketing efforts in just the last couple of months. This doesn’t include the merchants that we have signed up via our Partnerships Program. These merchants range from hotels to automotive companies to event ticketing and everything in between. We are only just getting started.

We have seen the demand for our platform grow outside of North America. In response to the global interest, we have just announced that we will be adding support for 60 countries and support merchant payouts in over 30 fiat currencies in order to meet this demand.

What we are working on now is setting the foundation for our future success. Establishing key relationships, educating merchants, changing consumer behaviour, streamlining our processes, and continuing to build out the key functionality of our platform.

The crypto revolution won’t happen overnight but it has already begun. With our platform, partners, and processes, we are laying the groundwork to become the underlying technology that powers crypto transactions.




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