This Week in Crypto – October 1st

San Jose Launches Cryptocurrency Pilot To Close Digital Divide

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If you pay attention to cryptocurrency news, you often hear about how it can help bridge the divide and provide opportunities for the financially disenfranchised.

San Jose, California is backing up all the talk with action. The city is set to activate 20 wireless hotspots designed exclusively for crypto mining in low-income neighbourhoods. This will provide digital access in places that have been shut out thus far.

The cryptocurrency mined through this plan will be used to pay for broadband services for more than 1,300 households for one year.

This is San Jose’s first excursion into the world of cryptocurrency technology. It is being viewed as a way to, “democratize the benefits of emerging technologies for all residents,”

This is the kind of initiative that will make a real difference in the lives of real people.

Will The Next Web Be Built On Ethereum?

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Big Tech has way too much power over our lives. They shape the narrative and presume to tell us how to think. But what if there was a viable alternative?

The etherenum blockchain has been generating a ton of interest over the last year. Developers are using it to create DeFi and NTFs. With the powerful network created through these applications, it could easily become the platform for a new web. Web 3.0 as it is being referred to, will be built on “a series of decentralised apps that could one day challenge Big Tech’s offerings”.

A platform that offers freedom from the grasp of big tech is not only desirable but necessary if we want to retain the freedom to think for ourselves. This can’t come soon enough.

Top 7 Cryptocurrencies To Pick in Fantasy Contests This Fall

Imagine cryptocurrency as fantasy basketball, who are you going to pick for the win.

Crypto adoption is growing by leaps and bounds. But knowing which ones to focus on can be a tad difficult. Coinquora has some tips you may want to consider before proceeding.🤔

“All roads point to digital currencies being the next medium of exchange in the future, so understanding how to trade them or just learning more about them is almost necessary in our world today. Using fantasy finance platforms like Investr, Altcoinfantasy, and StockBattle can help you learn more about the crypto markets and cryptocurrencies as a whole. They provide you with real-world trading experience and you can also learn how crypto asset prices move.”

Fantasy finance gives you the chance to “play” and test your predictive skills. Plus, you don’t have to jeopardize your capital while you trade. Small fund contests require little expenditure but provide a chance to win big.

An Actual Hamster Is Making Bank With Cryptocurrency

And now for something a little…different.

A German hamster name Mr. Groxx has scampered into the world of cryptocurrency trading, and he’s proving to be really good at it!

He has his own Twitter handle where he keeps his followers updated on his investment portfolio, which, by the way, is quite impressive. His investment portfolio is up nearly 30% since he first started back in June.

Not the let the cat out of the bag, but we suspect Mr. Groxx may be getting help from someone.😉

“Since Mr. Goxx is an honorable business rodent, he must calculate with about 35% tax being subtracted on all his returns, so there is still some work left before he can really talk about making money,” the hamster’s anonymous business partner explained in an interview.”

Best of luck to Mr. Groxx on his future financial endeavours. We can’t wait to see his evolution into a crypto wizard.

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