What We Talk About When We Talk About Bills

By Chief Revenue Officer

Remember how paying your bills used to be?

Think back. Try to remember. Before our wide range of online options, before the advent of Netflix and chill, before YOLO and FOMO and the dawn of emoji’s, there was online banking.

But before that, before online banking, think back even further. Before mobile phones, the advent of the internet, and computers in every house, there was balancing cheque books. There was paying bills via snail mail, the phone, or in person. There was lining up at the bank, waiting at City Hall, taking numbers at telephone companies and waiting your turn, often for hours, while listing to Barry Manilow and watching your sanity make its slow decent into the point of no return.

We know, we know. It’s a gripping, archaic horror story, the kind Grandpa uses to bestow generational wisdom so that you know just how good you have it:

When I was your age, we walked to school, uphill, in the snow. We also balanced cheque books and paid bills with stamps and envelopes.

(pause for dramatic effect, children’s wide eyes, gasps of disbelief)

It’s true. We, as a generation, live the good life. Kids these days will never know the struggle of Grandpa’s paper cuts while he stuffed money into envelopes for banks, city hall, and Readers Digest magazine subscriptions.

But one struggle that we know and call real is the lack of organization when it comes to paying those bills online. And while organizing your bill payments might sound about as much fun as setting your skull on fire, trust us: streamlining your payments makes your life that much more efficient.

And that’s what we do.

Having one place to pay your bills instead of three or four is the game changer. Using innovative blockchain technology to deliver you with a wide range of options that is nothing if not efficient, the difference between paying your bills with our platform and paying your bills without our platform is huge.

Destiny’s Child said it best with Bills Bills Bills:

Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Do you pay my automo’bills? If you did then maybe we could chill.

I don’t think you do,

So you and me are through.


But it’s true. If your current method of bill payment can’t pay your phone, car, and hydro bill all in one place, then, to quote Beyoncé circa 1999, you and me are through.

Because when technology is as pervasive and innovative as it is with our platform, there is no need to sit down and sift through all the different sites you need to go through to pay your bills. We can practically hear your inner dialogue as you sit down, begrudgingly, with your laptop or phone:

Login page, what password was the phone bill – why didn’t I write it down? It was a combination of mom’s maiden name, dog’s birthday, or my birthday, and an underscore…or was it a period? Locked out of account – great. Didn’t I save this password last time?

Cue angry typing on keyboard/head banging on wall.

Blockchain, the technology incorporated with our payments platform, has created a major paradigm shift, ushering in an upheaval of empowerment – one that promises you better, easier ways to pay your bills. Through our platform, you have the freedom to choose how you want to pay. And not just one of your bills –  all of your bills. One place, one time. No logging in and out of different accounts, no trying to remember three different passwords, no heading banging against walls.

Streamlining your bill payments gives you more time to do the things that are top priority on your to do list (i.e. visit grandpa, go on a Destiny’s Child binge, see someone about your bill rage).

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