Bitcoin: More Than Just a Pretty Face

By Copywriter

Show of hands, who here has ever been personally victimized by traditional banking systems?

Cue Regina George eye roll. Cue collective society raising their hands.

Bitcoin is the thing that’s been blowing up your newsfeed all year long. It’s money that isn’t money because it’s banking without banking – there is legit no hassle, no perspiring palms of frustration, no Regina George eye roll. It’s the digital currency without the “I-hate-banks’. And since its birth in 2008, Bitcoin has progressed from a small, nerds-only club to that of YouTube celebrity stardom, on the brink of going mainstream, on the verge of making your life, well, perfect.

But like all things, it’s more than just disruptive.

For those of you who are still looking around wide-eyed at the world and wondering just what the hell bitcoin is (is it make believe money? is it a video game? I don’t get it?), this is where we come in. We know. It’s confusing. It’s new. No one likes change. Except for us. And your significant other after your post-Movember shave.

So, for the sake of clarification, let’s all get on the same page. Let’s pretend we’re back in the seventh grade and learning about puberty for the first time. Where everyone awkwardly writes down their questions on a piece of paper, to be pulled out a hat and asked anonymously. We’ll answer them for you because you’re 11 and too embarrassed to ask about armpit hair bitcoin.

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is the easy, digital financial network that people and their mom’s use to send payments from one person to another (f you want to feel really fancy, you can say “peer-to-peer” to impress your friends). In a lot of ways, Bitcoin is similar to, say, PayPal or credit cards (which, quick shout out to us, we also offer through our payments platform, no biggie).

But it also so much more than that.

For one thing, it’s decentralized. No one person owns or controls it. There are hundreds of computers all over the vast, amazing-ness that is the Inter-web, working together to process Bitcoin transactions. This makes it the world’s first completely open financial network.

For another, Bitcoin comes with its own currency. So, unlike PayPal and Visa where you transact in conventional currencies such as the U.S dollar, Bitcoin conducts transactions in a new monetary unit, also called Bitcoin.

Is this too much info? Are we freaking you out? Do you need an adult? Don’t worry. Take our hand. We’re just getting started.

How is it going to impact us? Well. It’s not just going to change how businesses do business and how banks do banking. We are all on the verge of a digital, financial revolution. It’s the next generation of banking for everyone; merchants, consumers, cats. With its peer-to-peer architecture and complete transparency, Bitcoin and blockchain are set to change everything about your day-to-day life. From how you order pizza to buying your cat bow ties to how you buy those overpriced, over-hyped Season 4 Yeezy Kicks. It’s the creation of a new, innovative financial service, similar to how the Internet’s open architecture was the portal to online change-your-whole-life services (see: Google. See also: Facebook, online shopping, Google Maps, Netflix. Also, sadly, Tinder). Not just disrupting banks and business. It’s disrupting how you live your life – for the better.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Unshackled from third party regulators (who needs them!) complete with off-the-grid badassery, the technology we use for our platform operates outside of borders, banks, and the type of bull that often goes hand in hand with 5-10 business day wait times, charge-backs, and fraud. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously hadn’t used Bitcoin through our platform yet: who could not be happy with complete trust, accountability, and transparency of the technology that’s changing your life?

But what makes us so different? Numerous companies have entered and exited the fintech industry, companies who were either unable to execute on their business plan or simply provided merely sub-satisfactory platforms that weren’t able to solidify the necessary business and banking relationship goals.

This is the part where we say: not us! We have capitalized on every opportunity by adding our users and clients to the NetCents family, Robert De Niro Circle of Trust. We’ve expanded across the globe and included a wide array of payment options, so that when you go to pay, you have endless freedom, no hassles, and a promise of nights that are filled with sleep instead of stressing over where your money went.

While the introduction of digital currencies is certainly disruptive to traditional processes in the financial sector, the truth is that the underlying technology (hi, Blockchain!) represents the true revolution for you, your wallet, and your cat’s collection of bow ties.

Yes, but can you trust it, is what you’re asking. We get that a lot. The simple answer? Yes. The long-winded, rant-y version? It’s the decentralized, reliable form of technology that allows you to make purchases without ever pulling out your wallet, let alone reveal your legal identity. It’s the next generation of banking that provides merchants and consumers alike with a cheaper, faster, and more streamlined process of transacting. Think how fast it could be to pay for your pizza (no judging if that’s your Friday night plans).

Which brings us to our next anonymous question: what can you buy with it? Answer: it grows every day. From ordering pizza to Dunkin’ Donuts to lasers to booking your seat on the next Rocket out to space. Bitcoin has a broad range of items you can purchase, and it’s only going to continue to grow from here on out.

It’s the platform we’re bringing to you on a platter filled with possibilities (a possibility platter if you will), one that is serving you up with all kinds of accountability, trust, and opportunity. It represents a shift from the reliance of traditional banks and is putting the power of payments back into your capable, if sometimes sweaty, palms.

With platforms like ours paving the way for a future, you have about as many options at your fingertips as Tinder swipes on a lonely Friday night. It’s the change that puts the power back into your hands by delivering a more secure platform that is the future in digital payment processing.

And now, a break from our not-so-humble bragging to do a ten-second shout out to the people who made all of this possible: you.

On behalf of the entire NetCents team, from us to you, we say sincerely and deeply: thank you.

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