Closing the Loop and Being a Boss With Offline Payments

By Copywriter

What do you do when you’ve built a platform that can do everything and anything online? A universal payments platform that not only is secure and efficient but also delivers you more options than your childhood Baskin Robins Ice Cream parlour.

You make it available offline. So you can go and buy ice cream. Obvs.

If going offline sounds at all like we’re moving backwards, it’s not. In fact, it’s the opposite. Taking our digital payments platform and transforming it into an offline processing system for brick and mortar businesses – that’s game changing, champagne popping, making it rain kind of huge.

Welcome to 2016. Where digital payments, digital currency, and paying however you want, when you want, where you want, is not just the future, it’s reality. Where, through our app and platform, at your fingertips, you can pay through any currency. Online. And now, in store.  Like that.

We’ve closed the loop with our payment platform. Since our launch in September, we’ve taken our online platform to 100,00 merchants, including big league names like Amazon, Dell, Expedia, eBay, and Shopify. And we didn’t stop there.

Now that we’re offline, wherever a business accepts bitcoin purchases, you can guarantee you’ll be making purchases through our app there.

Our universal plug and pay Merchant API makes transacting easy. It enables businesses to easily and securely accept digital payments. So that when you go to a business that accepts Bitcoin, your personal and financial information always stays within the protective realms of your financial institution. That’s trust you can bank on (pun intended). We leverage innovative technology to ensure that your information is never divulged, no trace of your presence left behind. You’re like Jason Bourne of the 21st digital age. With less lethal skills. And less Matt Damon.

Not to mention, when you’re a merchant using our universal plug and pay API platform, you never have to worry about people using our app to purchase your organic, vegan, gluten free cheesecake (or insert your dream-come-true hand-made goods here). Fund verification of NetCents users occurs prior to the transaction, which means that whoever is buying your cheesecake has already transferred and had their funds verified into their NetCents account.

The transaction is not finalized if there are insufficient funds in your vegan, gluten-sensitive cheesecake lover’s account. Best of all? No charge backs!

This is it. We’ve completely closed the loop with our platform. We’ve made your life easy. We’ve made happy hour happy again. We’ve made going Dutch on a first date perfectly acceptable. We’ve made it so you can go down to any store that accepts bitcoin and pay the way you want. Even if it’s for a questionable pair of overly priced sneakers you’re only going to wear once. We’ve paved the way for transacting, one that is seamless and frictionless, making your life how it should always be: easy.

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