Where in the World is Bitcoin?

By Copywriter

Bitcoin is everywhere. Literally everywhere. You can’t scroll down Facebook without seeing its mention. Like Donald Trump after the worst performance in an electoral debate ever. Stories, polls, his orange face – suddenly it’s everywhere. In your newsfeed. On your timeline. Behind your eyelids, as you fall asleep at night. You can’t escape that sour grapes pucker, the blond comb-over from the 80’s, and complexion of an Oompa Loompa lecturing you on stamina as you drift into a restless sleep.

But with Bitcoin, seeing it everywhere is never a bad thing. And with our official platform launch and our continued expansion around the globe, the ability to locate and buy items with bitcoin has never been more timely.

Bitcoin has long been touted as the game-changer, the transformative technology that holds the potential to change the way we bank. It’s the disturbance in the force that Darth Vader and all centralized units of Galactic power feared. It’s Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit, reminding us in bright reds and blues that there is still hope, even in the face of scary Oompa Loompas.  It’s threatening to do to banks what Uber did to cabs: restoring balance and freedom. And it’s transforming the way we look at money, for good.

Which begs the question: bitcoin is changing our lives one digital purchase at a time. It’s transforming everything. But where can you find stores and ATM’s to buy and sell?

Coming soon to every street corner near you: the future.

Interactive maps, like the Bitcoin ATM map, keeps an up-to-date log of all the Bitcoin ATM locations as well as various alternative crypto-cash exchange services in your area. It’s like Google Maps, AKA our second mother: pinpointing its exact location around the globe. You can toggle what kind of cryptocurrency you want to find and exchange. It even provides you with helpful, explain-it –to-us-like-we’re-5 instructions for buying, selling, and withdrawing bitcoins once you’re physically there.

Through the security of blockchain, the technology that both authenticates and records every transaction, and the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, the future of banking lies in platforms like ours: a universal, one-stop-shop system where the power is always in your hands.

It means that, through our platform, you not only have endless options, but you have the ability to manifest those endless options. You can pay any way you want to. You can pay with Bitcoin at the local Waves Coffee shop down your street and then buy more bitcoins at the ATM while you wait for your pumpkin spice everythings. You can seek out and find a bitcoin ATM while traveling while you Eat Pray Love your way through Europe. Not to mention the massive potential for those who remain unbanked and underbanked, customers who have valid ID but little to no interest in setting up a local bank account.

Bitcoin and the power of digital payments are revolutionizing how we shop, save, do business, and bank. The expansion of ATM’s and mapping are just another step forward into a decentralized, Vader-less, balanced future. And that’s the promise of our platform: ease, efficiency, and the freedom to Pay. Your Way. Minus intergalactic battles for universal peace.


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